"If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around this camera." Lewis Hine

I've been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, you know, way-back-when they had 110 film cameras.
Yep, the obsession started there. Having won a Polaroid camera in an art contest when I was about 10, I thought, "Yeah! I've hit the jack-pot!". A few years later I bought my first 35mm Ricoh camera with my own money, yes it used film. Fast forward to the present... Happily, I now use 3 Canon digital SLR's with a selection of lens and now several flashes and I love them!
Then as now, I am always trying to learn something new, both with classes and lots of practice.
My favorite subjects to capture are my family. They have provided me with MANY opportunities for sport and portrait shots. I am fortunate that they tolerate me with my camera at almost all of their events. When not capturing them, I am just as happy to take pictures of anything in nature. If it catches my eye, I will probably try to take a photograph of it.
Now that my children are growing up, I feel I have more time to dedicate to the art of photography and editing. I'm finding all aspects of photography both fascinating and challenging.
I hope you enjoy what you see here, perhaps I can capture something special for you!
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